UPDATED on: 07/06/2021


The following terms and conditions and any changes thereto (hereinafter the “T&C of Use”) govern the use of the Media Library, placed online by Prevost at the address http://media.prevost.eu. Such use includes, in particular, the downloading of any digital resources (images, illustrations, demonstrations, videos, sound files, etc.) from the Media Library.

1- Description of the Media Library

The Prevost Media Library contains digital resources accessible online, belonging to Prevost and/or for which Prevost has obtained, from the third party holder of the rights to the said digital resources, the right to use and make available these resources.

Access to the Media Library is reserved for Prevost employees and third-party Prevostpartners who have a registered account (hereinafter referred to as "Member") and who have accepted:

  • the T&C of Use by checking the box by which the Member acknowledges having read and accepted the present T&C of Use.
  • the Prevost Graphic Charter (see Appendix 1)
  • for third-party Companies: the Authorisation to use the trademark, by signing this document.

The Prevost Media Library is intended to be used by :

  • salaried members: for the sole purpose of their duties at Prevost and
  • Third Party Company Members: within the framework of the actions envisaged and specified in the signed document "Authorisation to use the trademark".

The Media Library and the Website used to access it are owned by Prevost and operated by Agelia.

2- Member account

Each Member can access the Media Library once the opening of a personal account has been validated by the Prevost Communications Service.

The passwords and usernames for such accounts are confidential and specific to each Member. They may not be shared or transferred to anyone. Furthermore, a Member’s account may not be sold or transferred in any way to a third party.

Each Member is responsible for each use of their account, username and password.

Prevost reserves the right to refuse, suspend or delete the account, and the corresponding access to the Media Library, of any Member, at its sole discretion.

3- Use of the Media Library

3.1. Prevost grants to each Member a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use, publish, download and reproduce the digital resources in the Media Library from their account, for the sole purposes of their assignments (promotional, advertising or sales-related) at Prevost.

  • for salaried members: to carry out their tasks (promotional, advertising or commercial) at Prevost.
  • for Third Party Company Members : to carry out the actions envisaged and specified in the signed document "Authorisation to use the trademark".

Use by each Member is restricted to the digital resources available from their account and remains subject to their prior acceptance of these T&C of Use.

Each Member may download and reproduce these digital resources in whole or in part, provided that the destination(s) of such use and the date(s) of publication are indicated in advance.

3.2. Each Member undertakes to refrain from:

  • Using the Website and Media Library in any manner not permitted by these T&C of Use or by any applicable law, regulation or statute;
  • Modifying a digital resource during use, without the prior written consent of Prevost;
  • Attempting to obtain unauthorised access to another person’s account or otherwise interfering with another person’s use of the Media Library;
  • Attempting to obtain unauthorised access to any software, hardware or network system associated with the Media Library Website or to obtain any service or information not intentionally made available to the Member by Prevost in or via the Media Library;
  • Using any false or misleading information (such as false names, email addresses or URLs) during use of the Media Library, including, without limitation, the origin or source of any resources downloaded or identification information for the Member account.
  • Transferring to a third party any digital resources contained in the Media Library without the prior written authorisation of Prevost.

3.3. Before any reproduction of a digital resource, each Member must undertake to comply with the associated copyright notice and to check, where applicable, the restrictions affecting its use (temporary restriction, restriction on media, etc.). Any reproduction and/or representation of any digital resource must include a statement of existing copyright.

3.4. Each Member acknowledges and accepts that Prevost does not extend any guarantee with regard to digital resources to the Members.

4- Intellectual property

4.1. The content of the Media Library is protected under copyright law. Prevost reserves all rights relating to the content of the Media Library.

Members do not acquire any intellectual property rights or other rights, except as expressly granted under Article 3.

4.2. Prevost is the sole owner of the Prevost brands and variants thereof (designations and/or logos) and, in more general terms, of all distinctive signs used by Prevost for the Media Library

Any use of these brands and other elements without the prior written agreement of Prevost is expressly prohibited.

In this context, the company agrees to use the trademark in accordance with the following principles:

  1. When used in logo form, the Trademark must comply with the logo shown in Appendix 1 (shape, colour, background, space around the logo). If Members reproduce the Trademark in its denominational form, the Trademark must be written in capital letters ("Prevost”) and always used as an adjective and never as a noun; never in the possessive or plural form,
  2. Do not affix ® or TM after the Trademark.
  3. Do not modify the Trademark or alter any aspect of it.
  4. Do not present the Trademark in such a way as to claim or imply any form of membership, association or affiliation with Prevost,
  5. Do not use the Trademark in any manner that could be damaging to Prevost or to its products,
  6. In the event of changes to the Trademark, updates must be carried out as quickly as possible.
  7. All intended uses of the Trademark and all proposed texts must be submitted to Prevost management for approval on a case-by-case basis prior to use or publication,

Furthermore, any agreement in this regard given by Prevost shall in no way be interpreted as conferring on the Members, explicitly or implicitly, any right whatsoever (right of ownership, licence or use) on the Trademark or on any other intellectual property right of Prevost. (patents, trademarks, trade names, copyright, etc.) other than as provided herein.

The company agrees that it shall not submit, register or attempt to register, in any country whatsoever, in the form of a Trademark, brand name or any other distinguishing form, the Trademark or any adaptation or variation of a word, symbol or image resembling the Trademark or any other item of intellectual property belonging to Prevost.

The company also agrees that it shall not submit, register or attempt to register, in any country whatsoever, any domain name incorporating the Trademark or words resembling the Trademark or any other item of intellectual property belonging to Prevost and that may cause confusion.

5- Processing of Members’ personal data


The media.prevost.eu Media Library uses only functional cookies (for connection, baskets, data being viewed) and internal cookies (sequence identifiers). These cookies are not used for audience measurement purposes.

6- Availability of the Media Library

Prevost cannot guarantee that the Media Library will be available at all times. Prevost strives to provide continuous access to the Media Centre: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in case of force majeure or an event beyond the control of Prevost.

Prevost may need to temporarily interrupt access to the Media Library for maintenance purposes, without necessarily informing Members in advance.

7- Termination, suspension and closure of access to the Media Library

In the event that a Member fails to comply with the T&C of Use, Prevost may immediately and as of right delete and/or suspend the Member’s access to the Media Library, without any formal notice.

Prevost reserves the right to modify or delete part or all of the Media Library at any time and at its sole discretion.

Prevost may cease and/or suspend the Media Library at any time, provided that it informs all Members of this decision. All Member accounts will then be disabled and their usernames and passwords deleted.

8- Modification of the Conditions of Use

Prevost may modify and update these T&C of Use at any time and at its sole discretion. Changes made will take effect without notice and will be accessible from the Media Library Website. Any Member who continues to use the Media Library will be deemed to have read and accepted the applicable updated T&C of Use.